Cheap Auto Parts & German Auto Repair Costs

Yes, another post about cheap auto parts. There is a reason I write about it. Too many people think that getting cheap parts will get them the same results as if they had bought the pricier ones. Most of the time it’s not true. Auto repair shops that offer a…

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Why Car Repair Cost So Much

I know many people wonder this, I used to as well. I found this article that does a pretty good job explaining some things about how auto repair shops work and why some auto repairs cost a lot. In German car repair, you also have to add the pricey parts…

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Free Car Towing with Repairs

We offer free car towing with auto repairs. We will arrange for the towing company to pick up your car and tow it to our location. Free towing is available in surrounding cities only. We will pay for the towing, you won’t even need to come to our location until…

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