Squeaky Brakes After Brakes Replacement

brakes replacementI am sure most people have heard their brakes squeak after brakes replacement. That would make anyone think if the shop didn’t use quality parts for the brakes repair. This isn’t the case. Well, of course there are shops that cut corners and try to save money and order aftermarket, low quality parts, which would often make the brakes to squeak. But squeaky brakes happen even after genuine and OEM parts as well.

Why do genuine and OEM brakes squeak after brakes replacement

There are many variables here. One reason is the brakes were manufactured improperly. But that is not the reason most of the time. Brakes need to get broken in. Brake pads and rotors need to adjust to each other. After a brake job, the car needs to be driven for about a week, and you need to drive the car over 40 miles an hour and brake hard 6-9 times. You need to take it easy for a bit with the brand new brakes, but after a few miles of driving, you need to brake heard, so the brake pads and rotors heat up and adjust.

If your brakes squeak and you’ve had them for a few days, start braking hard. If you feel that the car had been driven long enough and the brakes should be broken in by now, then you should call the repair shop where you have a warranty on your brakes and have them check out your brakes.

If you only had your brake pads replaced, but not the rotors, it is also possible that the rotors need to be replaced also.



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